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wandering brazil
March 24, 2001

so i'm wandering around brasil, and out pops Gabe, ye olde roomate from Nic 7. what?!? He's with Irulan, and it's the last night of Carnival, in the streets of Salvador. Don't ask me how this happens when there are 3 million people vying for enough space to breath normal amounts of oxygen, but there he was. and then gabe disappeared and I drank a strange drink that had too many undisclosed powdered substances from unpronouncable regions of the amazon, and then when i woke i got sentimental and wondered how all of you were doing, and of course i re-felt like a bastard for not having written.

and here I am, in case it wasn't evident, in brasil. "sailing in seizures of laughter, crawling out from the heels of love, reaching through the darkness"? it's been about 2 months, and it'll be maybe 1.5 more if i'm able to extend my ticket for a third time tomorrow. i'm in Sao Luis, in the state of Maranhao, as if that means anything. it's hot, and lots of water, and good reggae and cheap hammocks, and really weird fruits that maybe taste good or maybe taste like seafood, which isn't necessarily bad except that it's fruit, not seafood.

life is very good right now, and I've settled into relaxation mode for the last couple of weeks. I started out the trip a bit edgy and fidgety in Rio, and was totally flustered when I realized Portuguese and spanish weren't then same language. and then i went to salvador and played and listened to large amounts of samba, pagod˘Uax˘Uand forro, and then I pretended to be a drummer with Os Amantes to Reggae, bought a drum and case (which i am now shlepping lord knows where). about this time i realized i could converse, so i went to some nice national parks and islands, and then along came Carnival and it was absolutely insane. That's a lame description i guess, but really the only other words I could use to describe it would be synonyms for insane, so I'm going to postpone the effort. and besides, some stories are magical, meant to be sung. or at the very least they require pictures. but since carnival i haven't done a damn thing. i rented a cottage in the little town of Jericoacoara for a week, and really all i did was eat sleep eat, backwards and forwards.

And now I'm in Maranho and next is the cool cool river, the Rio Amazonas, and it's still kind of dreamy in my mind. to sail up a river wide as a sea, sleep on the banks on the leaves of a banyan tree. there's a 5-day boat ride into the amazon that I start on friday (?) and then a five day canoe/hike trip, and then 4 more days on a boat going out the opposite end. i've got my deet, hammock, mosquito net, and malaria pills, so i'm now indubitably qualified. although as of today my friend who was going to do the whole kabob now has Dengue... which brings up my main complaint, that in addition to being a dark shade of black, my skin has a full layer of mosquito bites. and my left foot has been privvy to two burrowing insects. and cockroaches are really a pain in the ass, i know they don't bite or sting or spit, they're still a pain in the ass.

but enough of that, it's time to go see Hanibal, which'll be my first movie in a loooong time. hope all is well northside, sorry for the defects in this email... i'm sleepy. and what else? i'm very relaxed and happy, and at times a bit lonely - but really only after strange powder drinks or long bus rides - and also i've come to the realization that really I'm Japanese, not Chinese, or at least I might as well be because no one here has heard of China and no one believes me when I say I'm not japanese. and i guess that's it.

tchau tchau, e beijos pra todos.


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