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senorjosh.comDecember 2001
December 24, 2001
Can anything be more than the sum of its parts? The abundance of theories of 'emergence' seems to suggest that it can. Each theory of 'emergence', in its own particular way, asserts that novel properties 'emerge' as a system grows more and more complex. 'Emergence' has been attributed to all sorts of phenomena: consciousness 'emerges' from the brain; macroeconomic patterns 'emerge' from spending patterns; highway traffic 'emerges' from driving mentalities, etc. The concept is very powerful and all-encompassing, and has fascinated me since I first hear about it. In this highfalutin paper, which I just finished writing for a philosophy class, I conclude that 'emergence' is, essentially, a sham. Here's the link to the Inefficacy of 'Emergence'

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