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April 1, 2004
According to this article from the WEF, Cape Verde is one of Sub-Saharan Africa's "Leading Countries in [Internet and Communication Technology] Growth and Penetration". The country has the region's third highest personal computer penetration rate - eight percent. Wonderful!

The thing is, when I was in Cape Verde, I didn't see a single household that had a functioning personal computer. One family had a perpetually-frozen PC running windows 3.1, another had a computer with a fried power source... and that was it. There are maybe twenty or thirty internet café's in the entire country, and public computing facilities are all but nonexistent.

I'm guessing that, in order to get that eight-percent penetration statistic, someone divided the total number of computers in the country by the total number of households. Which makes sense, strictly speaking. However, the numerator is misleading, since Capeverdian families tend to be large, and the numerator is irrelevant, since most of the computers are lying around in government offices and petroleum companies.

...And this is Sub-Saharan Africa's beacon of hope?

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